Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are now the global standard in best practice website design and development.

A CMS essentially allows for the separation of website design (or look and feel), website structure (how it's built) and website content (the words, images and video on pages). This means that these three crucial elements of your site can be created and managed independently of one another, offering enormous power and flexibility in comparison to the good old fashioned 'static html' web pages.

What does this mean for you?

After we set you up with an amazing design and solid structure, you can create, edit and manage your website content whenever you like without any technical or programming experience. That's right, if you can operate Microsoft Word, you're laughing! A CMS is software that enables non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish content within their live and fully functional website, but it's also so much more than that. These are a few of our favourite things when it comes to working with a content management system:

  • Web management in plain English - When you're managing your website in a CMS, you'll be working in an easy to navigate user interface with a text editor which is as easy to use as word processing software.
  • Share the love with multiple editors - Multiple user accounts can be created to allow multiple authors to access and edit website content from different locations. Users can even be assigned different roles and permissions to ensure that they can only access and edit the content they are authorised to change.
  • Keeping things consistent - Because your web content is totally separate to the website's design, all content from all authors will be automatically formatted to be consistent with your site's configured design style. This means no nasty surprises like random Comic Sans MS fonts popping up on your pages!
  • Navigation that practically organises itself - Navigation menus are usually automatically generated in a CMS site based on the pages that you create, where you create them and what title you give them. You can also reorder and move pages around after you've built them to make things just nice.
  • Cool functionality - Content Management Systems are just made to marry with all kinds of cool functionality and dynamic content, from simple, useful functions to all kinds of fun interactive features. Some examples are blogging and user commenting, searching, polling, online forms, calendars and many many more.