Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Have you been considering the benefits of Google Authorship? This system was set up to help writers that have a Google Plus account. By enabling the feature, you establish yourself as a credible author and also promote your content in organic search listings. Obviously, increasing the amount of traffic to the articles you have written is a primary benefit, but there are more advantages than this. Detailed below, all of the reasons that you will benefit from setting up the Google Authorship feature are listed.

What is Google Authorship?

Do you write for a multitude of websites? Bloggers and publishers understand that the Internet has been a mixed blessing because exposure is easy, but protecting your work from plagiarism is not. In order to give authors a way to protect their work, Google started a system of penalizing websites that plagiarized. Today, there is far less spam on the first page of Google. Taking this one step further, Google has developed the authorship program.

Now, you can push your writing online by registering with Google as a publishing author. After you register, you can list all of the websites where you place content on your Google Plus profile. This enables your profile and picture to show up when someone searches for content using the keywords in your articles. Although there are some exceptions, most authors find that doing this will cause an increase in traffic to your content.

Your author name as a brand

Are you marketing yourself as a writer or authority figure in your market? By and large, creating a Google Authorship account helps you to set up yourself as a brand. When potential clients search for you and your writing, they will be directed towards your Google Plus profile where they can add your profile to their Google+ circle.

Online reputation management

Do you have a name that is similar to someone with a bad reputation? It can create a lot of confusion if your writing gets lost in Google organic searches. To place some distinction between you and the other person, a Google Authorship account will give potential clients an idea of who you are and what skills you have.

Building authority

Have you had a difficult time promoting your business on a specific topic? If you are looking to acquire clients that are looking for a particular keyword, you can promote yourself as an expert by building authority on a subject and promoting it on your Google Plus profile. If you build a blog the around your potential keyword, you can place it in your Google Authorship category to promote your services.

Social proof

It is clear that Google’s authorship program will continue to increase as social proof becomes a larger factor in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With their commitment to cutting down on spammers that plagiarize the hard work of others, there are likely to be other exciting features for subject matter experts (SMEs) from Google on the horizon. To start reaping these benefits, be sure you have your Google Authorship profile established.