Who We Are

Who We Are

Lite Web is a qualified team of professional freelancers based in Lebanon. We specialize in the design and development for businesses and individuals, search engine optimization (SEO), content management system (CMS), E-commerce, online marketing, and social networking.

We are creative, innovative and inquisitive, approaching new projects and clients with an open mind with the aim to make an innovative impact within their sector.

Through the years, our passion for innovation has led us to constantly seek out and adopt new technologies, allowing us to offer solutions which are accessible across different platforms and devices.

We view each new project as a challenge to outdo ourselves and deliver a product of great value to our customers.

Lite Web strives to make businesses and/or people more successful through its web solutions. Whether you are in need of a new website, a website redesign/overhaul, or you need consultation on a project, Lite Web is the choice for you!

Our core values are:

  • A focus on delivering results. We always do our best to achieve our clients’ goals and fulfil all their expectations.
  • Open communication. We believe that it is only through honest and open communication that we can achieve long-term success and lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Commitment to progress. We like to push our limits, and continuously strive to improve our skills and adopt new technologies.
  • Positivity. We enjoy our work and try to foster a positive and friendly environment for both our colleagues and our clients.

Our People

From initial meetings and consultations to the detailed design, development and conscientious maintenance of your site, our team operates as open communicators, quickly responding to client questions and addressing individual needs.

We believe in establishing long-term relationships, making it easier to understand your evolving Web-based needs and troubleshoot any issues in a timely fashion. We work closely as a team, providing you collaborative and comprehensive support.

Moreover, we love what we do and who we work with, and our clients benefit from that passion and sense of community reflecting in the sites we create.

Our Clients

Through our transparent process, and because of the creative, skilled and close-knit team we have developed over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals and organizations. From real estate brokerages to large scale manufacturing companies; hospitals to notable law firms; locally owned businesses to companies throughout the country – our tailored approach is able to accommodate projects of nearly every scope.

Our Commitment

At Lite Web, we bring passion to our practice and integrity to every project we undertake. We’re committed to designing and developing websites that truly speak to our clients, bolster their business endeavors and help them grow.

We create sites that are not only beautiful, but also sound, adaptable and highly functional. We understand that deciding to invest in a website is an important decision, and when clients commit their time, energy and money with us, we reciprocate and deliver.

If you’re interested in learning more about our company, the people behind it, as well as how we can help you improve your online presence, we invite you to give us a call and honestly appreciate your consideration.